AMF Multimedia Jukebox

AMF Multimedia Jukebox 2

Software that acts like a jukebox

The AMF Multimedia Jukebox can play any multimedia file without difficulty in just a few seconds. It works like a regular jukebox which can queue your sound, music or song selection and other multimedia file.

The songs you select will be played one at a time. The AMF Multimedia Jukebox plays AVI, MID, WAV, VOC, MOV, FLI, FLC or any other file that has drivers/codecs installed on them.

The AMF Multimedia Jukebox even lets you save a pre-programmed list of your selections and then the system automatically opens and plays them with just a click of the mouse.

This program has an easy to understand user interface which makes it easy for anyone to operate the play function of the program. You won't need to read any user guide to pick up the functions of each option you have within the AMF Multimedia Jukebox.